“The week before Christmas of 2010, our two-year-old Cockapoo, Aoi, quickly went from not seeming like herself to having her two hind legs completely paralyzed. We found out it was most likely a herniated disc, and we had no idea where to turn or what to do as our former vet was not very helpful in this situation. Aoi was given steroids to see if that would cure her, but she did not improve within a few days. Acupuncture was suggested by a friend who works at the Animal Medical Center, so we decided to give it a shot because it had worked for my husband in the past, so why not our dog? After almost four months of regular treatments, you can hardly tell that she was ever paralyzed. Her legs wobble slightly and sometimes she comically slips while careening around, but she is strong, and she can play and run and rear up on her hind legs without issue. She is happy and healthy, and we are thrilled that she is doing so well. There is even a chance that she will improve even more in time. Dr Cianelli and the holistic team saved our dog. We couldn’t be more thrilled with the outcome and look forward to having Aoi with us for many years to come.” ~Aoi’s Mom


“Thank you so much for seeing Jamie. I was amazed at how well Jamie did in the office during her acupuncture treatment. When she came home, she talked a real lot and then took a nap. She must have slept straight through the night because she didn’t wake me up walking all over us, while we were trying to sleep. She normally walks all over us and wakes us up. She actually snuggled up with me when I went to bed and she fell asleep too. She is much more relaxed and comfortable… thank you… Jamie enjoyed the Rieki and extra attention. I really do think that Jamie did have a positive reaction to the acupuncture treatment. ” ~Jamie’s Mom


“Dr. Vindhya Cianelli took great care of our Brooke giving her acupuncture to help with her lameness and making her more comfortable. These treatments allowed her to regain some of her mobility and also ease some of her pain from the stiffness in her legs. After each session she would jump up, wag her tail and trot around the room. Dr. Cianelli’s assistant Steven performed Reiki on Brooke while the acupuncture was given and we noticed it relaxed her to the point it would almost put her in nap mode. Dr. Cianelli not only provided beneficial treatment but also a lot of love towards a much loved family member.” ~Brooke’s Moms – Dianne and April