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Blood Donor Program

The mission of our Blood Donor Program is to make blood and blood products available to veterinary hospitals throughout the region. Our whole blood and blood components are obtained from volunteer donors and are processed using the highest standards. The goal of the Animal Medical Center of New England is to save pets through transfusion medicine whenever needed, in cases of trauma, disease, and surgery.

We are able to keep our in-house blood bank fully stocked 24/7 thanks to our generous pet blood donors.

Below are the steps on how your pet can become a part of this program followed by the benefits to you and your pet.

  • Review our initial pet blood donor requirements to make sure they are met. There are slightly different requirements for dogs and cats.  There is a weight requirement for all pets.
  • Register your pet as a potential pet blood donor! You can sign-up your pet at one of our People & Pet Blood Drives or by calling us at (603) 821-7222. You will need to fill out a Pet Blood Donor Consent Form and Application to complete your pet’s registration. These forms will ask that you give us your pet’s health history and information.
  • Schedule an appointment for a free physical exam that includes blood testing (and a temperament exam for dogs) and review of your pet’s health history and information.  An exam is required to make sure your pet’s health is in good standing. (Dogs will also receive a temperament exam.) If you register your pet at one of our blood drives, you can see a veterinarian that very same day!
  • Wait for a call from us regarding your pet’s blood results. As soon as we receive your pet’s blood results from our lab, we will give you a call and let you know if your pet can donate blood.
  • Enter your pet’s information and your contact information into our Pet Blood Donor Database. Once your pet is determined eligible for our Pet Blood Donor Program, we can record and enter your pet’s information and your contact information into our database.
  • Please be patient and wait for our call.  We know that many pet owners with eligible donors are eager to have their pets donate and wish they could donate the same day join our program. Please know that we understand. Unfortunately, pet blood has a short shelf life and therefore, we can only take blood donations as we need them.  Pet blood is in constant demand so please be patient until we call you.
  • Bring your pet in to donate blood.  We will schedule an appointment for your pet’s blood donation at the time we call you.

Blood Donor Benefits

For Registering as a Potential a Pet Blood Donor:

  •  Free physical exam for your pet with a veterinarian at our hospital
  •  Free blood testing for your pet
  •  Free temperament exam for dogs
  •  A HUGE thank you from all of our emergency veterinary staff!

For Donating Blood:

  •  Free blood products for life
  •  Free bandana for dogs or free tag for cats to wear
  •  Free doggie-goodie-bag or cat-goodie-bag
  •  Full  recognition on our Pet Blood Donor Wall and Facebook Page
  •  A special “tweet” in your pet’s honor on our Twitter Page
  •  A good feeling about saving another pet’s life!
  •  A HUGE thank you from all of our entire emergency veterinary staff!


Canine Blood Donor Requirements

  1. Healthy with no adverse medical condition
  2.  Spayed or neutered, never had a litter
  3.  Between 1 and 8 years 
  4. Weigh over 50 pounds
  5. Physical exam with blood testing
  6. Temperament exam given by one of our veterinarians

Our Blood Testing Requirement for Dogs: This is a necessary requirement to become a dog blood donor. It helps us determine if your dog is eligible to donate blood.  In addition to a full blood panel and type (positive or negative), we also test for heartworm and a full tick-borne panel.

Our Temperament Exam Requirement for Dogs: This requirement reviews your dog’s temperament and verifies that he/she will be comfortable giving blood on donation day.

Feline Blood Donor Requirements

  • Healthy with no adverse medical conditions
  • Spayed or neutered, never had a litter
  • Between 2 and 10 years old
  • Weigh over 9 pounds
  •  Physical exam with blood testing

Our Blood Testing Requirement for Cats: This is a necessary requirement to become a cat blood donor.  It helps us determine if your cat is eligible to donate blood.  In addition to a full blood panel and type (A, B, AB), we also test for a tick borne panel and triple panel (FIV, leukemia, heartworm).

Please note cats will be sedated for their comfort. Please feel free to call us for more information about the risks associated with sedation.


Want to learn more? Click to read about the pet blood donation process.

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