Blood Bank

Like humans, pets can also require life-saving blood transfusions. Because we are the only veterinary blood bank in the area, we have established a blood donor program to meet the needs of the hospital and also to provide blood to area veterinary clinics.

We have a fully-stocked blood bank for animals. We provide whole blood, packed red blood cells, fresh and frozen plasma and albumin for both dogs and cats. Our blood bank has played an important role in our practice (open 24/7, 365 days a year) for those pets that face life or death situations.

We created a blood bank right at our hospital to provide the highest quality of emergency care and treatment to animals in the greater northern Boston area. As a result, our medical team can provide an immediate blood transfusion without having to first search for blood products or supplies. We are proud to be a regional blood bank, providing blood products and supplies to other area veterinary hospitals on a regular basis.

Blood Transfusions

Pet blood transfusions have many uses and can be critical, life-saving procedures. Blood loss occurs through injury or other causes such as infectious diseases. In these circumstances, being able to quickly access fresh whole blood right at our hospital can make all the difference! Cases of cancer, severe trauma, and certain types of toxicities can require sudden blood transfusions. Sometimes, an animal’s immune system attacks its own red blood cells and blood transfusions are necessary to prevent fatal anemia while medical treatment is working. Finally, heat strokes and kidney disease can also require a sudden blood transfusion just like in humans.

Help Save a Life!

If your dog or cat is interested in becoming a blood donor hero, please read about our Pet Blood Donor Program or call us for more information at 603-821-7222. Necessary forms will need to be filled out to begin the blood donor process .