Behavior Consultations

Behavior Consultation

Behavior Consultation

Behavior consultation is an opportunity to thoroughly review your pet’s behavior problem with a veterinarian who is specially trained in animal behavior.  A behavioral diagnosis will be made and explained, and treatment options discussed. A treatment period of three months will follow, during which time your pet’s progress will be monitored via brief phone or email communication. Treatment plans may include behavior modification,  environmental/management changes and/or medication.

What to Expect at a Consultation

The initial consultation is 2 hours in most cases. All members of the household are encouraged to attend. You will be asked to complete a behavioral questionnaire before the appointment. Problems will be discussed in detail.


After observing and interacting with your pet, a behavior diagnosis will be made and explained. Video recordings may be used to help assessment. House calls can be arranged in some cases.


Management and behavior modification techniques will be explained and demonstrated. Behavior medication will be discussed and prescribed if appropriate. A written treatment plan will be provided with other reading material.


Three months of treatment is included during which time your pet’s progress will be monitored via email or phone communication in addition to a 30-minute recheck appointment.

Common Pet Behavior Problems

  • Biting, growling, nipping, fighting
  • Separation anxiety
  • House soiling (including litter box problems and marking)
  • Reactive canine leash behavior
  • Excessive barking or vocalization
  • Storm or noise phobias
  • Fear of nervousness
  • Compulsive behavior


Once you have scheduled behavior consultation appointment, download the appropriate pre-consult survey.