Our Team

Our team of nurses, doctors and lay staff are highly trained and experienced. Many function at an extremely high level of expertise, maintaining some of the highest levels of certification in their field and competing nation-wide with their skill levels.

Our staff excels through a deep level of caring and compassion. All of us have pets, and we understand the bond that develops between owner and pet.

Unfortunately, many of us have been through the emotional trauma of dealing with our own pets in a medical crisis and we know the careful diligence needed to weigh all of the options available as we care for our patients.

To be part of our team, a staff member must understand the bond between pet owner and pet and the sanctity of this bond must never be underestimated in terms of compassion or intensity. Our team members must also share our compassion for client service and appreciate our commitment to exceeding our clients’ expectations.

Our staff knows that by providing outstanding client service, we ensure that our clients truly partner with us as we deliver care to their pets (we can’t do it with out the pet-owners’ cooperation).

Clearly the development of our employees is crucial to our ongoing success. Because of what we do, we have the opportunity to work with excellent people, doing excellent work—all the while being caring and compassionate.

Our staff is provided with on-site training through seminars presented by our doctors and nursing staff. Our doctors and advanced support staff are required to attend off-site continuing education and training at meetings and seminars around the country.

An organization of our size requires a well defined management structure to exist. We feel strongly that our management team must be professional while working closely with our staff to develop a caring and nurturing environment that is reflected in our people. Team work is integral in fostering this feeling of family that allows all of us to work with some of the best minds in our field.

We are confident of the fact that our employees are proud to have our organization listed on their resume—we are known in the veterinary community as a career builder.

We are proud of how our employees care.

We are proud of our employees.