Behavior Forms

Pre-consult Surveys

Once your client has scheduled behavior consultation appointment, please refer them to download the appropriate pre-consult survey listed below.

Use Word to complete the survey and email the completed survey as an attachment to Dr. Posage at

Please call us at 603-821-7222 for a PDF or printed copy if you are not able to open Word documents or if you need to schedule an appointment.


Pre-consult Dog Surveys

Aggressive Behavior

Use this form for all dog behavior problems related to lunging, barking, snapping, and biting directed toward people or dogs: Canine Aggressive Behavior Preconsult Survey

Separation Anxiety

Use this form for dogs that have behavior problems when left alone: Canine Separation Anxiety Preconsult Survey

General Problem

Use this form for all other dog behavior problems: Canine General Behavior Preconsult Survey

Pre-consult Cat Surveys

General Problem

Use this form for all cat behavior problems: Feline Behavior Preconsult Survey

Follow Up Cat and Dog Surveys

Dog and Cat: Follow-up

Use this form for dog and cat follow-up consultations scheduled more than 3 months past the original consultation date: Pet Behavior Recheck Preconsult Survey

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