Behavior Articles

Articles by Michelle Posage, Director of Behavior Services

— Dog Behavior

Alpha Dog
Bark Collar
Begging Food
Brain Tumor
Canine Aggression
Shelter Dogs
Cognitive Dysfunction
Crate Training
Disobedient Dog
Dog Bites
Dog Safety for Kids
Dominance Theory
Early Start Prevents Problems
Good Manners
Holiday Season Greeting
Lost in Translation
My Do Mia
Puppy Training
Redirected Aggression
Retractable Leash
Riding in Cars
Season’s Greetings
Separation Anxiety
Social Life of Dogs
Thunderstorm Phobia
Toddlers & Dogs
Using a Head Halter
Veterinary Behaviorist

— Cat Behavior

Feline Play Aggression
Flea Bites Cat
Learning Behavior
Litter Box Problems
Litter Box Training
Petting Induced Feline
Psycogenic Alopecia

— General Pet Behavior

Animal Learning
Behavior Patterns
Christmas Gifts for Pets
Early Intervention
Happy Pets
Minneapolis Conference
Preparing for Baby
Tools of the Trade
Vacationing Pet Owners
You Are What You Eat

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