Your Pet’s Hospital Stay

Pet Hospital StayIt can be a scary time when your pet becomes ill, injured, or requires surgery and has to stay in the hospital. Many owners are concerned about hospitalizing their pet – no one likes to leave their pets overnight.  And for many of us, the house is just too quiet or the bed too empty without them. Rest assured your pet is in good hands in the care of our competent, professional, and compassionate staff.

The hospital wards and Intensive Care Unit (ICU) are designed for the safety and comfort of your pet. Quite similar to the ICU in a human hospital, our ICU is staffed 24 hours a day by our doctors and nurses, and is located in our 24/7 emergency practice. All have been selected for their compassion, experience in critical care and emergency medicine, and ability to work closely with worried pet owners whose pets are under their care. The ICU is complete with sophisticated vital sign monitoring equipment and other advanced technology to constantly monitor your pet’s condition and to alert our nursing staff to any problems or worsening of your pet’s condition.

We know how much you care (and worry!) and will do our best to make sure you are completely informed every step of the way. You will be able to call during most times during the day or night at 603-821-7222 and can speak with an ICU nurse to receive an update on your pet’s status. Of course, at least daily you will also speak with the doctor who will discuss with you more in detail how your pet is progressing and will be ready to answer any of your questions.

We consider ourselves an extension of your family veterinarian and have developed a close working relationship with them. Daily, we will communicate with your family veterinarian about your pet’s progress and they will receive a copy of the medical records.

We welcome the opportunity to give you a tour of our hospital and to show you where your pet will be staying. And remember, your pet is never left unattended in our care!

Loomis.Raynes.ICU.4.15.15Pets at rest heal the best!

Many pet owners have concerns about their pet being confined in a cage.  Your pet will be placed in an appropriately sized cage or run with plenty of space to be comfortable. They will be given bedding, food, water (if medically appropriate) and anything else they may need.

Can I bring my pet’s belongings to the hospital?

We encourage you to bring a blanket, toy or other items you think will help your pet. Occasionally the nurses may determine that certain things cannot be allowed in the cage because they may be dangerous, detrimental to your pet’s recovery, or could be chewed or swallowed! Please don’t leave anything with your pet that you are afraid of being soiled or damaged, and please only bring your pet’s regular food if requested by the doctor or nurse.

Length of stay

It is very difficult to predict the length of the hospital stay. Many pets stay at least the night after surgery, but longer stays may be necessary depending on the type of surgery or disease your pet is experiencing. We will give you our best estimate of the duration and then will update you as the situation progresses.  When your pet goes home, you will meet with the doctor or nurse who will provide you with complete information on how to continue to care at home. Appointments for further exams or procedures can be scheduled at the time of discharge.

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