Should I Feed My Pet Yogurt?

The Stoneyfield yogurt truck came to visit our hospital last Friday and gave out free samples to our staff. This raised the question: “Should you feed your cat or dog yogurt?”

Buzz has it that yogurt can be used as a probiotic for pets. We asked a few our of veterinarians this question and here is what they had to say: β€œIn order for probiotics to be effective, there needs to be a particular number of live bacteria reaching the intestines, and the bacteria should be specific to the species receiving the probiotic. For this reason, yogurt is not a good choice. Better options are probiotics formulated for either cats or dogs (not people) that have undergone testing to validate the numbers of live bacteria in the product.”

Many dogs like the taste of yogurt, so it can be given as a treat (if no dairy allergies), but there are no real health benefits to feeding your pets yogurt.

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